Saturday, 5 April 2014

Poem #29: "look into my heartbeat"

"look into my heartbeat"

i look into my heartbeat,
stare into the sound of moments
passing, moments passing
looking deeply to its rhythm, now,
i dance

as moments pass
i struggle to the rhythm
of my own erratic heartbeat,
stare into its changing
nature, sometimes frantic,
always graceful

i stare into its changing
wonder, somewhat constant,
always graceful,
in its light, i glimmer,
dance as it repeats,
repeats, repeats,
i dance, enraptured

its subtle changes
capture me, i see
every rhythm and beat
now, simply letting go
of every moment,
every time, caught up
in time, caught up
in times caught up
to me

i dance to my anxiety
to every simple beat,
and every moment
which took hold of me,
i let go, learn to let go, now,
i dance to my anxiety

its grasp
enraptures me
as still, i look into
my heartbeat
and i dance.

(c) TheLegendaryDreamer
Written March 2013.

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