Saturday, 5 April 2014

Poem #27: "self-made nightmare"

"self-made nightmare"

i dream of myself, bearing that
perfect image of a wounded
beast, drowning in
mindless mental images
of itself, gazing, fearing
an impending death,
a candle flame, flickering,
about to go out.

i dream of myself, mending my
glass heart, shattered,
a broken flow of mental
sanity, wounded, wound and
bound, tangled within the
cold, entrenching embrace of my
own, war torn heart strings.

i dream of myself, mind bent by
greedy fears, an inner light that's
stolen, embezzled in motion, my words
hindered, meanings intangible, cloaked,
impossible to grasp within when
mind and heart are separated,
like music whose notes bear
nothing but abrupt

i dream of myself, shielded by
unloving forgiveness, deep,
forged, forgotten emotion
bound by all that is nothing,
my fearful understanding lost
to a simple limitation, a glorious
anxiety, searching for words
when none are available.

i dream of myself,
forging "self" out of
mind-heart disharmony,
mind-mind imbalance,
shining light from veiled darkness,
from two benevolent demons
in a simple mind, heart,
routine dissatisfaction-seeking
organism, birthed from a small
void of limited humility.

i dream of myself,
playing my own
war-torn heart strings
hoping to get a single harmonized
sound, out of a place filled
with broken, abrupt feelings,
before simply collapsing in,
like a candle flame, flickering,
about to go out.

(c) TheLegendaryDreamer
Written February 2013.

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