Sunday, 5 January 2014

Poem #20: "the lonely flower"

"the lonely flower"

plant a flower
let it grow
watch it sprout, then
you will know

what is life
and what is not?
see me grow
in my little spot

watch as i reach
up to the sky
and conjure up
the questions why

i sometimes wither
and long to fly

and i wonder

perhaps my heart is always 10 feet up
and at the same time, buried deep underground
perhaps that's why i'm always here,
but always lost and never found?

maybe when i reach up to the sky
i collect these tears, i drown in sorrow
and maybe that's why it always seems
like there's an uncertain tomorrow?

and some people say
don't you worry, forever is a place
but sometimes there's very little light
in my cold, dark heart-space

and the sun is sometimes warm...
but is that always the case?

and i wonder

people tell me, perhaps,
i'm like an angel with no wings
and maybe that is why
my small heart never sings?

but if so,
how am i always healing?
i love you
and your sorrows i'm always sealing

and when i say goodbye,
just remember how you're feeling -

plant a flower,
let it grow
watch it sprout, then
you will know

i am always there
for you
and i will always love
you too

(c) TheLegendaryDreamer
Written October 2012.

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