Sunday, 5 January 2014

Poem #19: "I've Seen Your Sunlight"

"I've Seen Your Sunlight"

i've seen your sunlight.
though you say you can't handle
the hurt and sadness
you know that your dim candle

flame still burns. it's hot but
hold it close -- it won't burn you.
though it may seem like all is lost
at least you've always been true

to yourself.
so let your words bleed
freely from your scars
show the world your need

to blossom.
to let your life grow
on to a new chapter.
i'll have you know

i've seen your sunlight,
even if you can't hear this.
keep your heart open,
let it feel the soft kiss

of the fresh morning breeze.
i've seen your sunlight.
though you say you feel
one day everything might

just abruptly end, or
your glass heart would shatter,
your life wounds bleeding fourth, or
it just won't matter

or you won't be there,
or just not whole
'cause you miss a thousand pieces
of your fractured soul

that's fallen to the floor.
embrace your glass heart's sunrise.
remember your true colours,
show the world that you will rise

to the challenge
of feeling --
let them know
that you are healing.

let your sunlight
shine with confidence
so no matter
through what incidence

happens to break you,
you'll still be there
and if pain or death overcomes
you'll still be felt within the air.

release your demons to the morning sunrise
and let your candle light shine into the world,
open your jaded heart-void and realize
your seeded flower has unfurled,

now gently kindle your candle flame,
release its sunlight too,
let the past burn down in flames
and love return to you.

i've seen your sunlight
i've seen you fly
i've seen you stumble and
i've seen you want to die.

i've seen your glass heart shatter
to a million pieces in your soul.
i've seen you crying out
"i've just never felt whole!

i've had too much of this
now there's nothing here but pain
i want it all to end now
before i go insane!

this world is just too much for me,
these words too hard to bear!
they just want to kill my flame
as if i wasn't there."

through your troubles
you will grow, so
let your pain free --
if it still burns, you will know

you're still alive.
i've seen your sunlight.
don't leave us all now,
things won't be so bright.

(c) TheLegendaryDreamer
Written January 2013.

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