Saturday, 23 November 2013

Poem #17: "our language is sacred"

This poem explains my views about autism.

"our language is sacred"

to those who don't understand
we live in a world of sound
our thoughts merge deeply
with the rhythms of nature

to those who don't understand
our sounds and our rhythms,
our thoughts become rhymes
and our language is sacred

to those who don't understand
we may get angry, yes, we may cry
but what else can we do, when
we walk among sharp fragments of our

and what should we do
to conform to your standards?
or why, even,

when we grasp the transparent
subtleties of our own bleeding hearts,
should we try to speak a foreign mind?
to those who don't understand, just
look and find

you say your words,
clashing in self-isolation
the sounds become an empty shell
from an unknown source
and meaning has fallen out,
lifeless from an awkward

we walk through life with diamond shoes,
our glass hearts balanced by
strings of interwoven sounds
kept together through loving

to those who don't understand
we live in different worlds
our eyes are windows to our world
and lenses to yours

maybe you can see it
through our eyes
our transparent systematic emotions
or the immense barrier between
our hearts and minds

our language is sacred
when sounds are woven
carefully into colours,
colours into words,
then sentences and worlds

we speak no isolation,
we form no violence
but we are fragile
when even our own
memories cut so deeply

glass hearts
shattered, diamond shoes
unfitting and awkward
we cry out in our own language
to be safe

our language is sacred
and we are safe within its bounds

(c) TheLegendaryDreamer
Written May 2013.


  1. The language of the heart is so subtle that it can be easily misinterpreted by one who knows not the sound of the sacred verse it tells.

    Beautiful Jerry!


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