Saturday, 9 November 2013

Poem #16: "Words Can Never Capture"

"Words Can Never Capture"

Define "sunset".
You might say that as the sun slowly hovers down,
it kisses the earth, like an ailing mother
about to pass away
shining golden words of hopeless beauty
bent and glittering in light of inevitable
fading away of honesty and truth.

Define "sunset".
You may say its fractured light
(whilst freely roaming skies of dreamy, abstract thought)
is a subtle reminder that,
in life's toughest stretches,
honesty can never be broken down.

Define "sunset".
You might say that the sun's glass heart
was shattered suddenly,
breaking down its true colors
into colossal seas of pink and violet,
gifting the earth with its tragic stories of new-found love.

Define "sunset".
You might say that it's the culmination
of experiences words can never capture,
envious minds enraptured in an all-encompassing
wonder of stillness.

Define "sunrise".
You might say the sun,
newly born, remembering its prior existence,
begins again to shower the earth
with its golden,

(c) TheLegendaryDreamer
Written July 2012.

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