Saturday, 22 February 2014

Poem #25: "Icarus"


when i fly
i free my mind of chains
internal fire
to disconnect from mortal gains

when i fly
i seem to walk between
two worlds
the pain impossible, unseen

when i fly i seem
my awareness to dissolve
from this world, a disconnect
between mind and heart to absolve

to free
from unseen guilt
that blankets my soul,
like a thickened quilt

from unresolved
traumas, forgotten tears
that come up
to undissolved fears

to fix
my needed

by darkness of a void
internal fire too intense
for me so i fly
away from the immense

heat - or cold, stare
of a world unsuspecting
that a soul is overcome
by darkness, and disconnecting

when i fly, my mind
is not of gratitude but lust
my plastic face may not express this, but
for me to escape, it's a must

that i find peace within when
my internal flame still burns
i fly because this way,
the world around me turns

into paradise - or so i think,
so when i fly into my place
i lust for loving peace
to shine into my heart-space

or i disconnect. i cannot handle
the pain, so when i fly
i look for love or a little
inside, i die.

(c) TheLegendaryDreamer
Written January 2013.

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