Saturday, 28 September 2013

Poem #13: "Letter to My Mother"

Letter to My Mother

The sky sometimes rains crystalline teardrops,
Its turbulent winds and ice-bullets pelting the soul;
At times then, each thought, each word, each sound just stops
When it hits you that you've just lost part of your whole...

She reached out through her fractured heart
Amidst the haze of questions, asking why
She lost all her means to express and impart
How all her dreams were falling from the sky...

A letter she sent from a tunnel in her soul
To contact me, her second son;
In requiem to times gone past
And memories of long-gone fun.

It connected me and brought me back
Now that same tunnel I pass through
To express emotions I've long packed,
To write her back and say "Hi Mom. I still love you."

(c) TheLegendaryDreamer
Written September 2012.

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