Saturday, 3 August 2013

Poem #8: "thoughts of a cyclical nature"

thoughts of a cyclical nature

when night turns to morning
morning to day,
evening then night
a cyclical nature
always revolving
and thoughts,
a linear nature
always derived from something

the easiest way to get control
of your life by someone else.
sometimes to follow your dreams
seems just as dire and absurd
as your chances of finding snow in the desert
- can't do it, or can you?

reality based from thoughts
always derived from something
a cyclical nature
always revolving
yet in the darkest of nights
there's always a morning,
then day and evening
so you can achieve your dreams
a creative nature
always making new ideas
emotions and desires.
go ahead, follow them.
it will lead you to new heights.

someone says you can't?
well don't take no as an answer.
i say, yes you can.

(c) TheLegendaryDreamer
Written June 2011

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