Saturday, 6 July 2013

Poem #6: "Such a Finite Thing"

Such a Finite Thing

have you ever seen something pass by,
crumble and fade into the past
as if only a memory?
have you ever seen something manifest,
then collapse and disappear,
leaving not a trace?
have you ever had times where
5 days are an eternity,
yet 5 years seem 5 minutes?
have you ever found yourself to
stop and stare at silver sunsets,
as if time were such a finite thing?

we treat time as if it were
renewable, although

time is measured, marked, labeled
yet is completely oblivious

as the

future flows and folds, compresses into past
where one moment, we grasp it,
then another, it

like sand
through our fingertips

as if lost in an abyssal eternity,
as if time were such a finite thing.

what is flow?
in a world where order is chaos
and broken memories litter the uneven ground.
what is flow?
in a world where some things bond
hand-in-hand and suddenly


where bits and
pieces fall

apart forever

as if time were such
a finite thing.

(c) TheLegendaryDreamer
Written May 2012

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